"Eurasian water-milfoil prefers shallow water one to three metres deep, but can root in up to 10 metres of water. A fast-growing perennial, it forms dense underwater mats that shade other aquatic plants. When large stands begin to die off in the fall, the decaying plants can reduce oxygen levels in the water." 

             - Ontario Government

Water levels at Hatzic Lake

Pumping facilities are located at the end of Hatzic slough. The pumps operate automatically and only when there is high water inside the dike (in the lake). When the level of the Fraser River is lower than the level of water inside the dike, floodgates automatically open allowing water to discharge into the river. The floodgates only close if the Fraser River becomes higher than the water level inside the dike. When the floodgates are closed and water levels get too high in the lake, water is pumped out of the lake to the Fraser River. A new pump system was installed in 2014 and is managed by the Dewdney Area Improvement District (DAID).

The Dewdney Area Improvement District (daidinfo.com) applies to MFLNRORD annually for water permits to keep lake levels up for recreational purposes between late June and early September. Our Society supports keeping lake levels up for recreational purposes as defined in the water permit. Through our membership in the BC Lake Stewardship Society, our volunteers collect water samples to be analyzed by government to support lake management at Hatzic Lake, including this annual water permit.

Nutrient inputs

Hatzic Lake Improvement Society aims to collaborate with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, Ministry of Agriculture, and Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development to help educate farmers, landowners, residents, and industry about nutrient and waste management to reduce runoff into the lake and tributary streams and sloughs. Residents and lake users are encouraged to contact us with concerns or questions and report polluters to the BC Government via RAPP: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/environment/natural-resource-stewardship/natural-resource-law-enforcement/conservation-officer-service/cos-rapp

Invasive Plants

Hatzic Lake Improvement Society aims to collaborate with Invasive Species experts to manage Flowering rush (Botomus umbellatus) and Eurasian water-milfoil (Myriophyllum spicatum) levels at Hatzic Lake.

Health and Safety

Hatzic Lake Improvement Society aims to collaborate with municipal and provincial government to implement and enforce safe boating speeds at shallow areas at Hatzic Lake. Our Society is also looking to promote respectful use of the lake, roadsides, and sensitive habitat by recreational users.

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